Client Testimonials

We get incredible testimonials and references from our customers, both those that use our package products as well as those for whom we custom formulate. Here’s a sample below. Please use our feedback form to tell us about your experience!

I love your oils! In my 20 years as a professional massage therapist, I have not found a line of aromatherapy oils I like as much as Life Root Healing oils. The blends are individual and very appealing. My clients often comment on how lovely the scent is while I’m working on them. I particularly like the Intimate Moments for a relaxing, uplifting massage and find the Sore Muscle & Joint Oil (and particularly the Triple X Ultra Strength Sore Muscle & Joint Oil) to be excellent in helping to soothe the pain and ache of tired or injured muscles. All the Life Root products I have tried have been excellent and I highly recommend them.

Heather Powell, Roberts Creek BC

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your Tattoo Moisturizing Lotion.

This is the first time I got inked and so I was very careful in choosing a good moisturizer that won’t dry my skin and at the same time won’t hinder on how my  tattoos settle on my skin as it heals. Needless to say, a  week into it and I can not express how glad I am that I found your product!

Spreads smoothly, dries up quickly and my skin feels amazing. Thanks!!

Jenn, Vancouver BC

Your calendula primrose face cream is wonderful and helped my rosacea more than I could have imagined.

Sheila Foote, De Roche BC

Of any cream I have tried, I like yours by far the best.

Angela L., Toronto ON

I discovered your calendula primrose cream. Having very sensitive skin it has been an ongoing search to find a facial cream that works for me. I found it in your calendula primrose cream.

Sue N.,Toronto On

I’m so glad I got 2 jars (of face cream). I just love it

Anbuske N., BC

I am writing to complement you on your gently soothing owie cream. I use it on my husband’s eczema; it takes the itch right away. A great product.

Gwen B., New Mexico

I purchased your chamomile rose cream several weeks ago. I’ve now been using your product for a couple of weeks and wanted to write to you to tell you how much I have been enjoying using your cream.

Donna L., Victoria, BC

I’ve enjoyed using your chamomile rose face cream ever since it first came onto the market.

Val B., Vancouver BC

I have been meaning to contact you ever since I started using your new mouthwash but life gets so involved – but today I decided I have to drop you line before I leave for work. Your herbal mouthwash is I believe the best mouthwash I have used particularly in the complementary health field of products. I have off and on had some trouble with my gums particularly around teeth that have large fillings and I actually feel this mouth wash has helped in keeping that under control. You are doing good work with your products Carol

Bernice B., Burnaby BC

My sister who lives in Vancouver gave me a jar of your Chamomile Rose Face Cream a couple of months ago and I just love it. Thank you for making such wonderful, pure products.

Nancy K., Parksville, BC